Saturday, March 28, 2009

35 Weeks

Notice how it's a little fuzzy on one side of these pictures? Our camera's been doing that lately and we haven't been able to figure out what's wrong. Maybe it's been dropped one too many times and we might need a new one :(
Preggo Club at Malu's baby shower. Malu is due a week after me. Her shower was today ... I must've eaten most of those brigadeiros there :)

And since I haven't posted any pregnancy pictures, here's (a crappy) one of me at 35 Weeks - Could my belly be any bigger?

Actually, as big as I look here, I was even bigger with Ian - I'm 15 pounds lighter this time around to be exact! Thanks to my doctor (aka the Weight Nazi) who's encouraged me to exercise - walk - and keep active during this pregnancy. She high fived me last time when it showed I had only gained 1 pound, and says if I gain too much she'll have "yell at me" (her words, not mine). Yeah, she's nuts :)

The baby is doing good. He likes to move a lot and keep poking me in the same spot on my left 'till it hurts. He also has hiccups all the time ... just like Ian did. I love the little "nudger", but those hiccups are so annoying when I'm trying to sleep :)

Anyway, less than 5 weeks left for us! I'm so excited to finally be done and be able to hold our baby. These last weeks have gone by quick - baby #2 will be here in no time!

We keep calling him "baby" because we haven't pinned down a name for him yet. We have a little list with a few names on it ... we'll see ...