Friday, October 17, 2008

Name That Bump

Despite such a bad rap, empire-waist, babydoll and baggy tops and dresses are back with a vengeance (did they ever go away?). A quick look at store racks at the mall will tell you they are very much in style right now.

Although I always thought it was kind of cute and very flattering on some people, I sort of avoided that style because I could rarely pull it off. It would sometimes make me look pregnant when I wasn't or like I had gained a few pounds when I hadn't.

That was of course, until last week when I noticed my regular clothes getting tight, and when trying on my maternity clothes (that I've kept from first pregnancy) realized I was not big enough for them either - Ahh, the dreaded "big lunch or baby " stage.

So I went out and bought a whole bunch of these tops and I love them! Since I'm both pregnant and gained a few pounds I don't care if they make me look just that. They're very cute and comfortable - exactly what I need to get me through another month or so. Way better than my husband's t-shirts I wore at first last time. It only made me feel frumpy. Oh well, you live and you learn.

An added bonus is that once I outgrow these tops, I'll be able to use them again after I have the baby. Sure, I'll look "pregnant" then, too, but hopefully the newborn in my arms will give away that, instead, I just had a baby.

These cute tops can be found at Banana Republic and Victoria Secret. I also found a cute shirt at Ann Taylor :0)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

One Year Older and Wiser, Too!

I had a fabulous birthday yesterday! It started out with me and Ian sleeping in. How great is that?! Most days I'm up early (kind of) with Ian and still wishing I could sleep another 5 more minutes. He must've known, and it was his way of saying "happy birthday, Mom".

My parents were here visiting from Utah - we had fun birthday gift shopping for each other at the mall (My mom's birthday was only three days before mine) and my Dad was kind enough to watch Ian while we shopped. I had fun talking to everyone who called to wish happy birthday, too.

And of course, it wouldn't be a birthday without going out to dinner. This year's restaurant of choice: Red Lobster. Yup, I'm very easy to please, throw a couple of shrimp my way, and I'm happy :) Thanks hungies for always making sure my birthday is special!

It'll take a few days getting used to saying I'm 26 instead 25. 26, does that sound old to you?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ian Will Be a Big Brother!

That's right, our little family is growing!
We're expecting our second baby next April.
Needless to say we're very excited and feel really blessed to be adding to our family.
We wanted to share the good news with everyone.

I found these funny comics online, and thought I'd post them here.
I remember Leslie posted some similar {baby tips} a while ago on her blog.
These are the "pregnancy tips" version of it.