Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

So weird how it's almost always sunny every time we have guests over. So far this year we had some friends come stay with us last month from Utah and my parents just left this morning after a couple days - Both times we enjoyed beautiful sunny days the whole time they were here!

Same thing happened last year with a couple of exceptions.

This is so surprising to me since that days like those are hard to come by. Seattle only averages 55 sunny days a year - mostly during summer.
{Today is back to cloudy - oh Mother nature, why do you tease me so?}

As for the rest of the days, we average 226 cloudy days (4th most in the U.S.)
This is what a typical day looks like:

Or this:

Floating Bridge - Cloudy Day

And then there are these glorious-perfect-temperature-beautiful-green-trees-contrasting-with-equally-beautiful-blue-skies SUNNY DAYS. There's nothing like it.

Floating Bridge - Sunny Day


Lake Washington

So I guess the message here is come on over ... and don't forget to bring the sun with you :)


Leslie said...

They are all beautiful pictures. I love cloudy weather, but I might not like it so much if it was a constant presence in my life.

So is that floating bridge thing actually right on top of the water? That would FREAK me out.

Paulo and I have been talking about the need to take a vacation. Maybe Washington is calling to us.

Semiramis said...

You guys should come - You'd have fun! Plus you can visit Andrea, too, she lives about 20 minutes from us.
Yeah, that bridge is right on the water, it's actually sinking, it rides about a foot lower in the water than it did originally. But, we don't have have to take that bridge to go to Seattle, so it's all good :)

Juliana said...

Pode deixar que qualquer dia desses apareço aí para trazer o sol.

Fisher Family said...

Semi que interessante, eu lembro quando nos estavamos ai que voce comentou que cada vez que voce recebia tinha sol, e acontecei novamente com a sua mae ai, que legal! Beijinhos...

Semiramis said...

Pois é, Fê, sempre dá sol quando vem visita, não sei porque! Muito engraçado.

E Ju, vem sim, dá a gente aproveita pra ir naquele restaurante :)


Daniele said...

Nada melhor do que um ceu azul, neh?

Cecilia said...

Acho que vou ter que te fazer uma visita para trazer o sol novamente :)

Fisher Family said...

Semi, estou com saudades, vou te ligar qualquer dia! Beijinhos...

Família Mundy said...

oi semiramis, estavamos esperando nossa casa (que construimos em 2005) ficar pronta, ela estava alugada e reformamos algumas coisas. Home, sweet home!