Monday, August 1, 2016

Back to Blogging

I just spent several minutes re-reading these old post, and oh my heck these are hilarious to me, I was such a weirdo, haha!

I started writing this blog a little after moving to Washington State in 2007, before facebook and twitter and other social media website/apps were popular, and back then it was the cool thing to do! Most of my friends kept personal blogs and updated them often. I remember reading personal blogs daily. So funny! Just for fun, I just clicked on several of my friends blogs, and most of them have been set to private now, or haven't been updated in years.

But I'm so glad I wrote these weird posts - the little that I wrote - because I had already forgotten a lot of it!

Ian just turned 11 this year and it seems like it was only yesterday that he was a little preschooler going on his first day of preschool. Time flies! So much has happened since I last updated this blog...I plan on updating it more often!

We moved back to Utah in 2009, a little after Caleb, or KK, how we like to call him, was born. I think he was 4-5 months when we moved back and he just turned 7! Preston, our youngest, is 5 years old already, and was born the following year in 2010. KK and Preston are close in age, only a year and a half apart.  Our boys are the sweetest boys and the best of friends. We feel very fortunately to have them in our lives! 

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